4 Best Must-Visit Legendary Culinary Spots in Jakarta

4 Best Must-Visit Legendary Culinary Spots in Jakarta

Jakarta offers a plethora of interesting culinary spots, expressly on the legendary culinary tours that are quite popular among local tourists. These iconic dining spots are often the go-to places to fill your stomach when visiting the Indonesian capital.

Nowadays, traveling to Jakarta is easier than ever. You can simply typesetting your tickets on Traveloka flight, which offers a wide range of airlines and flight times to Jakarta that will suit your needs. While you’re there, trammels out the pursuit recommendations for good places to eat in Jakarta that have been unshut for decades.

Restaurants to Visit in Jakarta

4 Best Must-Visit Legendary Culinary Spots in Jakarta

  1. Sari Bundo Restaurant

Established in 1967, Sari Bundo is a well-known restaurant frequented by state officials such as the late President BJ Habibie and former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Pak Habibie loved eating fried yellow from Sari Bundo.

Sari Bundo’s fried yellow is famous for its crunchy texture and differs from fried yellow at other Padang restaurants. The yellow used is young native chicken, which is perfect when served warm with rice and Sari Bundo’s signature pete sauce. The restaurant moreover provides other dishes with pure Mining flavors, including rendang, curry, dendeng balado, and more.

  1. Ragusa Ice Cream

Founded in 1932, Ragusa is Jakarta’s oldest ice surf shop. Luigi Ragusa and Vicenzo Ragusa, two brothers from Italy, are the pioneers and the origin of the name Ragusa. In the past, Ragusa ice surf was only sold once a year during the night market at Pasar Gambir. It wasn’t until 1847 that Ragusa settled at Jalan Veteran I Number 20, Central Jakarta.

Tutti Frutti and Cassata Siciliana are the featured ice creams at Ragusa. The ice surf is shaped like the famous Italian spaghetti style. What’s interesting well-nigh Ragusa is the room decorations and cutlery that still squint like they used to, making customers finger at home and reminisce.

  1. Bakmi Kampung Bali (Kampung Bali Noodles)

This legendary yellow noodle shop is in Central Jakarta, precisely in Kampung Bali. The merchantry owner, Hendra, still cooks for customers, plane though he is no longer young.

The recipe used is the same as most noodles, but what makes it variegated is the use of soy sauce chicken. Bakmi Kampung Bali has a sweet, savory, and salty taste. The shop moreover offers nutmeg ice made from natural nutmeg and mango pickled ice.

  1. Pondok Djaja Restaurant

Pondok Djaja is one of the oldest Padang restaurants in Jakarta. The owner, Sjoffian Chaedir, first opened a Padang restaurant in 1969, and the first outlet of Pondok Djaja was on Jalan Krekot Bunder, Pasar Baru area, Central Jakarta. The only Pondok Djaja outlet is on Jalan Hasyim Ashari No 13 B, Central Jakarta.

The menu contains 15 types of typical West Sumatra dishes. Uniquely, only one doughboy has cooked all the supplies from then until now. Pondok Djaja Restaurant deliberately maintains traditional recipes and cooking methods, which is the secret of its success. One of the most favorite dishes is fried yellow with fragrant serundeng, often eaten with sambal petai.

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4 Best Must-Visit Legendary Culinary Spots in Jakarta

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